A selection of work from current and past employment.

ADIDAS (3D, Animation): Instructional animation split across 4 vertically stacked 1080p displays.

AIRPORT CITY MANCHESTER (Design, Animation): Roadshow film explaining the benefits of the concierge service.

AIRPORT CITY MANCHESTER (3D, Design, Animation): 3D animations showing the growth of the proposed buildings, from foundations to cladding.

BARCLAYCARD (3D, 2D Animation): Explainer video for 'Bespoke' app.

SAMSUNG (3D, 2D Animation): Explainer video for 'Tablet Selector' app.

SKY / DC FANCAST (3D, Animation): Bumper animations for Sky's 'DC Fancast' TV show.

NANDO'S (2D Animation): Till display animation for their Christmas campaign.

CONNECTED RETAIL (2D Animation): 2D shape layer animation explaining the 'Connected Retail' platform