I created this animation as part of my initiation at MMMultiply. The brief was to create an identity based on their brand mark, and bring it to life as I saw fit.

My idea was to represent the many streams of data that an agency might receive, interpret, and output during the course of its operation. I'd been interested in the graphical representation of data, both real and imagined, for some time, and thought this was a great opportunity to bring those ideas to fruition.

I wanted to show the propagation of data throughout the scene, one graphical element causing or feeding the next, to create an constant flow of interacting graphical patterns. All the layers of data use the form of the brand mark 'X' in slightly different ways.

The majority of these elements were created with Thinking Particles and Xpresso in Cinema 4D. I really enjoyed the process of setting up the particle systems and events, adding my own controls to fine tune the simulation. Everything was rendered as white lines with the hair module, then coloured and processed in After Effects.