This was another project to get acquainted with Octane Render, and also to see how much detail I could get into my models and textures. Probably over painted it in the end but hey ho, it was an after work project and learned much along the way. I made custom Photoshop brushes and imported them into Bodypaint to paint the chipped areas, using this as a map to mix between the painted black metal and the raw bronze underneath.

I soon discovered that having 12-15 8K textures and a million odd polygons will bring Octane to its knees, especially with only a 3GB GPU. I was aiming for full HD hero close-ups so wanted the detail that 8K would give me, but 4K maps would have mostly sufficed in this instance.

Everything in the scene modelled in Cinema 4D, UVs in UVLayout, textured in Illustrator, Photoshop and Bodypaint, rendered with Octane.