4 billion years ago, rocky deep sea vents spewed alkaline fluids into acidic oceans. These 'proton gradients' resulted in potential electrochemical energy, that could have been the basis for the first biological cells on earth. This is a film about life and the laws of the universe.

I thought the idea of energy flows begetting all life on earth was fascinating and wanted to depict this visually in one brief hypnotic sequence. Energy from the sun heating the earth, undersea rocks spewing fluids, and all life emerging from it.

I ended up using a host of techniques inside Cinema 4D, from particles and rigged joints, to Realflow and TurbulenceFD simulations. For rendering I mostly used V-Ray for the geometry objects, and Standard renderer for the volumetric lights.

Music: Excerpts from 'Music for Tundra' by Tim Hecker.